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Sibling Photographs - Another Dimension!

When the awful pandemic hit us, we had to make many changes here so we could carry on working and schools could have their school portraits taken.  Parents still wanted family photographs but with classes in bubbles along with other restrictions in place it made it near on impossible.  So, we got our heads together here at Digipix and produced ‘The Sibling Edit’ this has proved very successful with fantastic feedback from parents and many of our schools have gone on to continue with this system for their school photographs. With schools being short staffed and struggling to allocate members of staff to collect/organise the children it then becomes a logistical nightmare.   All we require is a running order of the classes in which you would like us to follow, and then leave the rest to us, we then organise the arrival of each class.

The Sibling Edit

How It Works

On photograph day we photograph all the children individually, from these images we are able to create a sibling edit.  Parents will receive a proof card for their children with unique access details to login and view their children’s images, if they would like to order a sibling edit, they complete all the information requested along with their image reference numbers and place their order.  Our editing team then get to work creating the family photograph, once the image is complete, we email a proof copy to the parents for their approval before processing.  We have received some fantastic feedback for these edits, parents cannot believe that the children were not photographed together, and a big plus factor working this way each child is relaxed, not leaning away from their sibling, and not embarrassed in front of their peers which does happen as the children get older. If for any reason parents are not happy a full refund is guaranteed, and we are pleased to say we have never had to refund yet!

As one of the leading Midlands School Photographers, we are the only company that offers this service.

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