Digipix School Photography

How We Work ...

Our simple school photography plan of how it all works.

After your photograph day proof cards will be returned into school batched into classes for you to give direct to the class teacher – no sorting!  We will also send you a file containing all the proof cards for your reference.

Parents place their orders online using their unique access details and pay using our secure payment system, keeping your office cashless.   All processed orders are posted back to the children’s home addresses leaving your office totally admin free.  If you would prefer to have your orders delivered back into school, you can request this at the time of booking.

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Proof cards will have an order by date printed on for parents, once this date has expired, we will then forward you your commission cheque.

On the day of School photographs, we do not collect any personal data of any pupil or staff member that we are photographing, each image is assigned a unique reference number, which parents will see on their child’s proof photograph, the reference number that is issued against each child is generated by our uploading system, resulting in no personal data being stored.

Any queries are addressed directly through us and not through the school office, keeping it hassle free for yourselves, (this information is also given to parents on the proof card).

Our aim is to make your school photograph experience run as smoothly as possible with few disruptions made to the timetable of your school day.

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